Gain Control of Mission-Critical Enterprise Mobility

using real-time mobile analytics

Our white paper explores why support teams are unfairly struggling to keep up with costly end-user mobility demands and how real-time analytics can finally give them the control they deserve.

The True Cost of Ownership

The True Cost of Ownership

Outages and hidden costs can be controlled to deliver on the promise of mobility

When we consider the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of mobility, should we really be trying to identify the True Cost of Ownership™ of enterprise mobility? After all, there are many hidden costs like lost productivity and IT support staff hours.

The Three P's of Managing Enterprise Mobility

using real-time analytics to be proactive, preventive and predictive against mobile device outages and failures.

Our whitepaper examines why a new way of managing mobility is needed, and how B2M’s Elemez provides the real-time actionable analytics and operational intelligence needed for enterprise mobile devices and applications.

Get the control of mobility you deserve

For too long, your life planning, deploying and supporting mobility has been out of control, with a lack of proper tools leaving you overwhelmed and frustrated with trouble tickets and problems.  You shouldn’t have to be put in this position, and B2M can help, by giving you the mobility tools you need to regain the control you deserve.



Real-time Visibility and Actionable Insights

Elemez goes beyond MDM / EMM solutions to give you the real-time control you deserve to stop reacting to enterprise mobile failures after they occur, and start preventing and predicting failures before they impact end-users. 



Real-time mobile issues caught so far in the last 30 days

We understand the challenges of being expected to solve complex support problems on today’s enterprise mobility networks but having your hands tied by not having the right tools to easily spot and resolve any issues as they occur.   It’s why we’ve created our software platform to monitor millions of devices in real-time around the globe, and report on billions of issues affecting end-users each month as they happen, finally giving you the real-time visibility, actionable insights and tools needed to proactively prevent problems before they become crises.

Make mobile breakdowns a thing of the past

It’s time to shift the management of enterprise mobility away from reacting to problems after they occur, to proactively predicting and preventing problems from happening at all.

Your mobile workers rely on technology to keep your customers happy. So why is it that the devices provided to your front line team aren’t proactively monitored to the same level as the technology used by their office-based colleagues?

You’d expect to get 99.999% uptime from your data centre and mobile should be no different. But businesses aren’t proactively monitoring the performance or reliability of their mobile technology and far too often they only find they’ve got an issue when it’s too late.

Poorly performing devices result in disgruntled employees and unhappy customers, not to mention the damage they cause to your brand and your bottom line. Real-time Mobile analytics prevents this. 

Increase the ROI from mobile devices

Reducing disruptions decreases calls to your IT support desk and means your workers can do more each day. Increasing device performance means your workers will be able to do their job faster.

Why wouldn’t you want your mobile workers to be able to perform at the absolute best of their abilities?

Find out how much your company could save by optimising your devices with mobile analytics.

Optimise your return on enterprise mobility

Imagine a world where you can instantly identify issues with your mobile deployment that are impacting on productivity. That world exists, let us show you how.

Driving Enterprise Mobility Performance

Enterprise mobility is now mission-critical with most business leaders agreeing that employees cannot complete tasks effectively without mobile devices.

Our five-chapter content series addresses the challenges enterprises face supporting mission-critical mobility.

B2M’s Elemez lowers the True Cost of Ownership™ of mobility, improving the overall performance of mobile devices, applications and users.

Details Matter

“Getting the insight that truly makes a difference for device reliability, performance and user efficiency takes more than reviewing basic downtime reports and repair records. You need to learn what causes devices to slow down or fail, and what can be done to prevent it. The more information you can get about how your devices perform and what affects their performance, the more value you can get out of them.”

Terry Solesbury

PDA & Mobility Director, Royal Mail Group

B2M Named a 2017 "Cool Vendor" in Mobile and Wireless Analytics by Gartner.

“We consider our inclusion in the Cool Vendor report by Gartner confirmation that mobile device analytics provides the key to enabling businesses to fully optimise their mobile technology which, in turn, will enable them to increase mobile worker productivity, improve customer experience and deliver a positive impact to the bottom line.”

Julie Purves, Founder and CEO of B2M.

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